August 13, 2010

Proof positive!

Rich and I have been pretty busy since July 1st, behind closed doors that is. We decided that we're both ready to take our beautiful life to the next level by introducing a new life into it. Since then I have been taking all of the steps towards "family planning"- stopped drinking, began eating extra healthy, stopped working out like a nut, and scheduled a visit with my ob/gyn. About two weeks ago I experienced a few signs of pregnancy and instantly thought it was happening. We had covered all of our bases with extra attention on my ovulation days. So we decided to take our first pregnancy together. Result = negative. Rich was so funny because he didn't think I did it correctly. I probably did test a little prematurely, but I was anxious, okay?! So we both figured to wait to test again until after my period was due. This waiting game is horrible, might I add! The days couldn't be longer when you're anxiously awaiting something. So another week went by and my period was due by at least July 27th. We gave it a few more days and decided to test on Sunday, August 1st. The morning rolls around and neither of us had a good night's rest. I think I woke up at about 6am ready to pee. I've never been so excited to pee before! Richie woke up with no problem and we tested. Three minutes felt like thirty. Hearts are beating fast, breathing is heavy. We both wanted this so bad. Right in front of our eyes was another pregnancy test result which was... negative, again. We were both really bummed out at this point.

We've had a trip to NYC and The Hamptons planned for some time. We were going for the wedding of our good friends, Kelly and Dave, on 8/8. I had never been to NY before so we planned to spend a couple of days in the city and then another couple in The Hamptons. Knowing this trip was approaching, I wanted to know for sure if we were pregnant prior to going. This may sound a little selfish, but I needed to know if I could partake in the drinking activities that were planned. So we both decided that we would test again right before leaving, just to be sure. Thursday we're getting on a jet plane, so Wednesday, August 4th rolls around and it's test time. Third time is supposed to be a charm, right? NO! We got another negative test, but it was ok because this meant I could go on vacation one last time and fully enjoy myself prior to getting pregnant.

NYC- we came, we saw, we conquered. We had a great trip with our bestie Rania, and Kelly and Dave's wedding was phenomenal. Sleep wasn't on the itinerary this entire weekend because we had so many activities packed in. Such a good time though.

We came home on a Monday and finally were able to relax a bit before starting our work week. Thursday, August 12th marked 50 days since my last period. I've only had one other cycle like this and it was around the wedding and honeymoon time. I'm assuming stress played a huge role.

50 days late, stomach cramps for the last 3 days, I was wondering what the heck was going on. Randomly I suggested to Rich that we should take another test. Don't laugh, but from our last round of purchases, we bought a pregnancy test from the dollar store... just to have on hand. LOL
So I figured we'd use up the cheap one just to see yet again. Expecting the same result we got the last 3 times, this cheapo test had an additional faint line. This definitely got both of our attention, and luckily we had a more quality brand on hand. At this  point, Rich says, "No way...the line is barely there". So we decided to take the EPT test, which is known for it's accuracy, so I've read. You're supposed to dip the stick in a cup of urine for 20 seconds. As I'm dipping, I'm watching the test stick change almost immediately. I'm still holding the stick and not one but two lines show up. I got really excited and told Rich the other line was there and he still made me step away to wait the full three minutes without peeking. He's no fun!
The full three minutes have passed and we take hands and slowly approach the stick. Again, hearts are beating and I think we both had a feeling of what it would read. We look at it and VOILA, there are two lines that make the "+" plus sign. We both looked at each other, smiled and embraced one another saying, "we did it, baby, we really did it"!
After our little moment was over we were both so excited and in disbelief...well, more Richie than me. He still thought this second line was kind of faint. He read the entire directions and it clearly stated that even if a faint line appears, the test is positive. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!

Wow, I really can't remember much about the following few minutes because we were both flying so high. It kind of felt like getting engaged all over again.
Since I had a family planning office visit scheduled already, I called my ob/gyn to advise them of the great news. Luckily they didn't have to postpone my visit any later, they were able to squeeze me in the same scheduled day for an ultrasound. They thought I might be about 7 weeks along, but my visit on August 25th will confirm exactly how far long we are.

We instantly called our parents and gave them the good news. As expected, everyone is just thrilled and cannot wait to join us on this nine month journey.

Here is the proud papa showing the positive outlook

...and a glimpse of our testing war zone

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