February 22, 2011

81* and sunny, with a chance of showers

Baby Shower, that is.

We had ours this past Saturday and just like the wedding, the weather could not have been any more perfect for us. We're both attracted to outdoor festivities and have been so lucky to have beautiful weather for each event.

Spencer's baby shower was perfect! We had such a wonderful day spending time with those closest to us. We jammed, ate, drank, socialized and it was just what we wanted. We didn't want to have a standard baby shower where you bore most people with the games and endless gift opening. Especially since we had the boys there too, I didn't think they would like to sit through all that.

My mom and two of my best friends, Rania and Jenn, are who put everything together, and what a fabulous job they did! They put a lot of work into everything and it shows. Rich's mom also helped us by making quite a few delicious appetizers, and of course, Rich was responsible for the tunes. Everything combined was a success. Rich and I are so very thankful for everyone in our life. We have such a large support system and are truly loved by many. Saying we are blessed is an understatement.

This blog post is mainly to show off the beautiful day we had.


                              Here are the two main hostess' with the mostess:

                                                          the spread:

shiny, happy, people:

and a pile of BEAUTIFUL handmade blankets we received for our bundle of boy:



  1. Where's the like button when I need it? xo

  2. It truly was spectacular! They did such an amazing job. The pictures look like they belong in a magazine. xxoo