May 20, 2011

The Color Purple

Yes, what you're seeing is correct. Spencer's lips dyed purple. We're not playing dress up with him, this is still my ongoing treatment for this pesky yeast within my milk ducts. One of the hundred things I'm currently trying to rid this, is a liquid plant called Gentian Violet. We are to coat my nipps and the baby's mouth with this to treat and prevent the yeast. We stopped putting it directly into his mouth because luckily he shows no signs of having the thrush/yeast. But, my nipps have both been bright purple for over a week now. Sorry, can't post that pic ;o)

I've been trying to treat this issue for what feels like an eternity. I'm still having nipple pain with each feeding, and I also get frequent sharp, burning pains internally within my breasts. I am on my second, and longer, dosage of oral medication and have been living at The Vitamin Shoppe buying all different varieties of herbal, natural medication. Nothing seems to be helping though and I'm growing desperate. I've even been using a pain in the ass (excuse my language) nipple shield, which is supposed to eliminate any breastfeeding pain, but doesn't. All I want to do is feed my son pain free. I don't think that's too much to ask. 

Monday, I did see my ob/gyn for this issue so she could exam my top half to ensure that I wasn't dealing with any other kind of infection. She said everything looked good and to continue with my regimen. I see her again next week for my six week follow-up and will discuss the boob issue again if I'm still not getting any relief.
As for Spence, he also saw his doctor Monday. We confirmed again that he is thrush free. This boy continues to grow up a storm. At 4.5 weeks, he weighed 10.5 lbs. Beast! hahaa
The pediatrician suggested that if I don't get any relief after I finish the second round of meds, that maybe it's not yeast I'm dealing with. He suggested the possibility of mastitis. Lovely!  
Anyway, enough of the boob talk and complaining.

Over the past couple weeks we've mainly been busy with our little man. During the day I pretty much have parked it on the couch. Spencer feeds pretty frequently and even when we're through, he's to be burped and usually falls asleep on me. Each day differs, but if I put him down it usually does not last very long before he screams to be held again. This is why I currently have a baby sling on the way. "Babywearing" is quite common and now I understand why... I can't get a dang thing done during the day. I'm hoping he grows out of this super needy state soon. This week, our baby boy has been making a lot more really cute coo'ing sounds, as well as producing real tears which aren't so cute. When I see them it just breaks my heart.

I know I'm a little late, but my first Mother's Day a couple weeks ago was really great. My sister in-law and two nieces came to visit from Atlanta, as well as my mom who came up from down south. It was just what I needed to have my spirits lifted after all the breastfeeding issues. We all had a nice weekend ending with a Mother's Day brunch. Rich and I sure are lucky to have such a wonderful family.


  1. This is really making me sad Jenn. He is a big boy! Sounds as if your incision is doing well though since you've not mentioned it.

  2. So sorry you have had such a rough time. I got him something really cute in Nashville I need to bring you. xxoo

  3. Gail, it makes me sad too. It is such a pain to deal with... literally! My incision is doing great. It is barely visible, luckily.

    Lisa, hope you had a fabulous time. That's very sweet of you to think of Spence on your trip. You are welcome over anytime.