August 4, 2012

Better late than never

They say time can easily slip away from you. I think that's an understatement. If you're waiting for a big day or special event, or are wanting time to fly by, just go have a baby. Ok, maybe not, but you get it. It's been close to a year since my last post, wow! My life has been so consumed by a beautiful being and other life's wonderful happenings. As I lay awake at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning I decided it's time to start blogging again. Not so much for an audience, but more so to document my life. I love to document everything else via pictures, using a calendar, etc, so why not continue to document my little bubble of a life so my children can later read what Mom and Dad were up to?! Plus, as we have family and friends who don't live near us, this continues to be a great way for them to Keep up with the Condons.

Where to begin?!?

Spencer continues to grow literally each day. The last photo I posted of him, he was five months old. That seems forever and a day ago. I guess I'll start with him turning ONE. My baby went from being well, a baby, to a little man. Hence his little man birthday party. April 13th will forever be one the greatest days of my life!

It was a great day had by all. It was his parents wise idea to begin a home improvement project the week of his birthday, so we had to rent a park for the event. It turned out well considering we had a wind storm of a day. Decorating was not fun to say the least. Heavy duty masking tape was my bff.
Spencer had all of his close family and friends there, who were all a part of his first year of life. He is one lucky little dude to be loved by all.

After Spencer's birthday, we went through (what seemed like forever) a nine week remodel. We had a lot of work done to the house inside and out. It was much needed since the house was built in 1965 and had not had a lot of 'upgrades'. Granted, we did a lot prior to moving in, the necessities like painting, flooring, baseboards, etc. But the new project actually gutted some rooms and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The process during it all was a bit of a mess, but we got through it. Having dust flying around, only one functioning bathroom at a time, and no kitchen for six weeks was HELL, but we got through it. Hahaa Boy was I happy to have those guys out of my house and able to having everything back in it's respective place! I do not suggest starting a project like this while living in the home... or while have a baby for that matter. Since then though, we've been enjoying our 'new' home and the summertime. Although it's been a hot one.

The end of May, Spencer had a pretty big announcement to share with everyone:

photos courtesy of our bff Rania

That's right, we're having another baby... and another boy! I am 15 weeks pregnant in these pictures. We had the early ultrasound done again to find out the gender. Rich sort of wanted this one to be a surprise, but there's absolutely no way I could go nine months without knowing. I, being such a planner, would die in anticipation. I do agree it is one of life's very few surprises, but I just couldn't do it. Sorry, babe.

Shortly thereafter our big news, we took our annual summer family vacation down to the Keys. We spent a total of six days down in both Marathon and Key West. Little did we know, there was a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico that was causing us to have rain. Not like monsoon rain, but little sprinkles each day and overcast skies. I think we saw the sun maybe a total of four times. It kept the weather tolerable though, not too hot for this here pregnant chick.
While pregnant with Spencer it was during the fall and winter months. This time around it's smack dab in middle of summer. My poor guys are iced out at times in the house.
Here are some pics from our trip. I was 20 weeks here:

You can also find more vacation and everyday pics on my Instagram.

Outside of vacationing, remodeling, and procreating, there's not much else going on in the Condon world. Our new arrival will be here mid-November so we're now in the process of getting the house ready for Baby Boy v2.0. In the coming weeks we will be moving Spencer out of the nursery and into his "big boy room" aka our guest room. I'm looking forward to setting up a new room for him with a new theme. I thoroughly enjoy interior decorating, which is exactly what I'm doing for the rest of the house right now too. I am a nesting fool and moving things around like crazy. We just got a new sofa set and are adding a few more new pieces. Rich is trying his best not to kill me during this process. Only a few more months he'll have to deal with this. This past week we graduated to 25 weeks:

Enjoy the weekend, friends!


  1. Oh YESSS! So glad you're back on the bloggin' tip. I love this:

    "Outside of vacationing, remodeling, and procreating, there's not much else going on in the Condon world."

    Yup, not much.

    I won't pressure you to keep us up with the Condons but it IS a great way to keep up long distance. Now we just need to start Facetiming!

    Love you all SOOO much! xxoo

  2. Hahaa, quotes by Jenny :)

    I'm going to try my best to keep it up this time. Facetime anytime! Even gmail now has a video chat feature.

    Love you girls tooooo! xoxo