February 6, 2013

One, Two, Three

And just like that our little preemie has turned into a real baby. Well, he's always been real, but our little dude has grown like a weed. Any making up he had to do, Cameron has surely exceeded that. I'm not certain about his current weight as we don't have our four month check-up for another couple of weeks, but his triple chins and meaty arms and legs with rolls on them tell me what I need to know. Having a premature baby, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, he was only a month early, but things could have been so much worse. There's always that possibility that something wasn't fully developed or that his little self just wasn't ready to make an appearance and could've affected his breathing. Instead, our Cameron was, and is, just perfect. A little small, but still perfect. If Cam had cooked until his due date, he would've been the same size Spence was. I must admit, I was extremely nervous at first because he was so small. Of course, that fear went away almost immediately as the love I felt made me want to squeeze and hold him constantly, which I did.

Month one, Cam slept. And he slept. And slept. Oh, and he ate constantly too. At one point I started to worry. He would sleep literally 23 hours a day. Sometimes 22 hours, but what seemed like all.the.time. I guess to some degree it was kind of nice, especially since we also had a toddler. It definitely helped us all get accustomed to having a new baby around. It was actually a very easy transition.
Besides the sleeping, Cam would flash an unintentional and occasional smile. Looking back at his small, skinny self, he really reminds me of E.T. (hehee)

Month two, he started to wake up a lot more and actually spend most of the day with us. He became a lot more intrigued with his surroundings, especially Spencer. He would stare and stare at Spence. Cameron has also started to smile intentionally and laugh. It's pretty awesome! This is when the infant stage starts getting so fun. We also started hearing his little sweet voice when he coo's. {melt}
Closer to the three month point, Cam's head was like the Hulk and he started holding it up with very little support. He also started sleeping through the night the older he's gotten. Is, and was, actually on a routine. Bedtime between 9 and 10 p.m. and up between 6 and 8 a.m. only to have a little snack, then back to bed he goes. My little rockstar!

Month three, Our little guy is constantly smiling. I can't take it. Actually, I can and it makes me smile and warms my heart. Even more so when Cameron stares at Spencer and laughs at everything he does. It's so funny to watch. If Spence only knew... instead, he's too busy with his trucks to notice. Cameron follows everyone and everything with his eyes. He is coo'ing, gurgling and baby talking. Hearing him is music to my ears. He is also holding his up with no support and waves his arms and legs like he's doing the rain dance. We are so lucky because he's still on his rockstar schedule and sleeps all night long.

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  1. You are indeed a lucky girl with two perfect babies! I chuckled a bit at you calling him small as he was nearly the same size as my babies when full term! Bill weighed 5.11 and Dave weighed 5.6--now that is small!

    1. Well, Cam did go down to 5.14 when we left the hospital. I will always praise you for having twins. I don't think I could do it :) And, went on to having another. YOU are super woman!

  2. He's getting so big!! He's a cutie!!

    1. Thank you, KP! It's scary how quickly they grow.