March 2, 2013

Pure Magic

Exactly two weeks ago, we took Spencer and Cameron to Magic Kingdom for the first time. Disney is running a special for Florida residents so we jumped on it. Visiting Disney seemed so appropriate since Spencer is seriously gay for Mickey Mouse right now. And I use that term in the best way possible. Spence used to have his "security" blanket and two pillows, but since about two months ago, he's dropped them and upgraded to Mickey. He's had a Mickey stuffed animal since about five months old and never paid him any mind. Then one day, he just took to him. Now, he doesn't go anywhere without him. Not even from one room to another in the house. It's cute... at times.

So we woke up extremely early on a Saturday morning and were out at Disney before they opened. We were able to watch the welcome ceremony which was neat because I had never seen it before. Mickey and all of his peeps rode in on the train and danced around.

Getting to the park that early, we actually did walk onto quite a few of the rides. Next time we now know which land to visit first though. As we made our way around the park, the lines quickly filled up. It's amazing the crowds at that park.

We had a wonderful day riding rides, meeting characters, and eating. Spencer even got his haircut for the first time. His (nappy) curls are all gone, but I suppose he needed that trim. It had been an ongoing debate between Rich and I, so needless to say, I finally caved. So glad I did though. Spence did really great and actually didn't fuss or mind it one bit. He walked into Disney my baby, and walked out a little man. I'm proud of myself for not crying.

With our Florida resident rate and passes, we have an additional three days to go, and we get to visit any four of the Disney parks. So, more Disney trips are in our near future. Especially before it starts to get too hot.

It's so busy with two kiddies, and plus I was busy experiencing the magic with Spence, that I wasn't able to snap as much as I would have liked. But check out a few of my faves from the fun day we had:



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  1. They are all adorable! Matt used to love Mickey like Spence does. I have a favorite picture from when we lived in California with he and Bruce lying on the couch with Mickey. I love to see how much fun you are having with your sweet boys.....and your sweet husband.