July 25, 2014

July 2014 ~ goin' viral

July was quite the busy and interesting month. We spent the 4th of July over in New Smyrna Beach, just as we do each year. Libby and Lucy were down visiting with us which is always fun. That in itself makes the vacay.
So on the actual 4th we spent most of our day down at the beach, as usual. We pushed the boys until they couldn't go any further, which means when Cameron had a meltdown. So we all walked back up to the house to let them decompress and nap for a bit before the real festivities began. We left our belongings down in the sand as we usually do, which included the beach cart with a few chairs, boogie boards and our kids beach bag with toys. We also left our canopy set up as it's kinda a pain to assemble/disassemble. Once up that house we had a couple of cold beverages and the boys were relaxing. Cork, Rich's dad, thought it would be a good idea to go and check on our stuff down at the beach since it was the 4th of July and he thought beach patrol would've had a problem with us keeping it up and unattended. So Rich headed down on his own. A short 15 minutes later, Lib and I receive a text from Rich with just a video. After watching the video we both got in the car and darted down to the beach where this was happening:

                                              4th of July crazies

In case you were wondering, that's our stuff. And that's my husband filming. And his video kinda went viral. No big deal. LOL

And in case you were wondering what happened afterwards. Here is Rich's interview with GAWKER 

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