August 30, 2010

What's up, doc?


Yeah, us too. We made an earlier assumption that we were about 8 weeks
along, based on my LMP. This is exactly why they have doctors and high tech equipment to let you know
for certain. Since going off of the pill in December my cycles have been irregular making
it difficult to know exactly when I was ovulating. Good thing Rich and I had the whole
month of July covered.

We went to our first doctor visit on Wednesday. We met with the doctor, discussed our
medical history, he answered all of our questions, and then we were taken in to have
a sonogram. For the first time we saw Baby C, it’s heart was beating at a healthy 119
beats per minute. It was quite the sight to see. The ultrasound technician and the doctor
both said that everything looked great for six weeks. Seeing the heart beat lowers the
odds of a future miscarriage. We even got a souvenir picture to take home with us.

Baby's first picture!

The ultrasound confirmed that I was not as far long as we thought. Instead we are 6.5
weeks today. Baby C is due on April 21st, 2011. This explains why we weren’t getting the positive result when we thought we should have been. I am okay giving a couple weeks back to the pregnancy. This
actually made me feel SO much better, putting my mind at ease about taking our trip to
NYC. When we went, I was only three weeks along and the baby was still just a bundle
of cells, so not much damage could have been done… straight from the doc’s mouth.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for labwork and to see the nurse. We then have another
visit on September 20th for the next ultrasound. I’m really looking forward to this visit. I
will be 9.5 weeks along and we should be able to actually see a baby this time, instead of
just a little blob.

So far this pregnancy thing has been pretty easy. I’ve started getting waves of nausea
when I first wake up, but it’s nothing a little food won't fix. I’ve also been getting the
nausea in the afternoon and at night, but I think I’m handling it quite well. Other than that
my appetite continues to spin out of control. The only thing I dislike thus far is not being
in control of my body. When hunger strikes it completely takes over and feels like I have
a huge hole I must fill IMMEDIATELY. It’s quite amusing because I was kind of a big
eater prior to the pregnancy.

I’ve found myself eating foods that I would never eat before. To name a few:
cheeseburgers from fast food joints like Burger King and Five Guys, French fries galore,
many other fried foods, anything with cheese, and last night began the ice cream craze
(mint chocolate chip…yum!).

You’re only supposed to gain about five to six pounds total during your first trimester
and to date I’ve put on five. Considering I have about six more weeks to go, this should
be interesting.

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  1. I <3 you guys!! This made me smile sooo big :O haha Can't wait to see the next blog update w/ pic!! xoxoxoxoxox