September 20, 2010

Unsweet Tease

Today was the appointment we were anxiously awaiting. I tossed and turned all night with excitement. We thought our visit today was to see our doctor again and to have another sneak-peak at our little boo. Well we were mistaken. Our first visit today was with the insurance manager to discuss our responsibility as a patient for our nine month care, delivery, and post care. This child is costing us a fortune already!
The insurance manager was the one who crushed our dreams by saying that we were mistakenly scheduled for an ultrasound today. I don't know what it is, but this office repeatedly confuses how far along we are. The scheduler on our last visit thought we were having our genetic testing done today and that is why the u/s was scheduled. Since they can only perform the genetic testing during weeks 11-13, we were too early and insurance would not have paid for another u/s so soon without a reason.
So instead of heading to the ultrasound room, we went straight into the exam room.

The nurse came in and did her thing, but this time she brought in a doppler to try and hear the heartbeat. She explained to us that it may still be too early to hear anything as they typically don't detect the heartbeat on the doppler until around 12 weeks. So we all tried to listen for that wonderful sound, but we weren't able to this time around. Bummer!

So in the room we waited... finally the doctor came in, performed an exam, he answered a few of our questions, and on our way we were. Long story short, today's visit was pretty much uneventful. We found out we owe a good chunk of money, we weren't getting a pic of the baby like we thought, I gained 7 pounds, and that I dislike my unpersonable physician. The physician piece is a whole other story, but we made a change over to another one within the practice so we're hoping our next experience will be better.

On another note, today is our six month anniversary. If it weren't for this surprise when he got home from work it would have completely slipped my mind:

Isn't it sweet?! I was in the bedroom on the computer and he comes walking in with these goodies behind his back. I had no idea what this was all for until he wished me a "Happy 6 month Anniversary". Boy, I really scored with this guy! What's even cuter is he knows that I am petrified of frogs, we have them hanging all around our house, but he got me this cutesy card that says "I'll love you... until the day I croak". Awesome!

Since this pregnancy I crave everything that ISN'T homemade. This has resulted in us eating out a lot these past 9.5 weeks. Since Rich gave in to one of my cravings, Red Lobster, on Saturday, I had to promise that we wouldn't eat out for this entire week. So to top it all off, he tells me we're going to dinner at a spot of my choice. I chose Mexican, but where we went is closed on Mondays, so we ended up at a new Mediterranean place near the house. Nothing fancy at all, but just perfect for us.

Even though we didn't get a baby picture, the sound of a heartbeat, and had a bad doc experience, I'm still feeling very blessed today. Not only for the love of my life, but for this amazing life inside of me, and my family and friends. Cheers!


  1. Good for you for switching docs! You should really like your doc. Sorry about the confusion but you seem to be very healthy. Get use to the cost (for the rest of your life!!!) That was funny about the frogs-I hate them with a passion as well. I'll anxiously await your next appt. xxoo

  2. BTW-what are you having genetic testing for? Thought maybe you were checking to see if the baby would be as sweet & thoughtful as Rich is a husband(ha ha)

  3. He sure is a keeper! I am one lucky girl ;)

    Lisa, the genetic testing is optional, but covered by insurance, so I figured what the heck. They check for any chromosonal abnormality. It consists of labwork and an u/s.

  4. i totally agree with what lisa said: good move ditching a crap doctor and also getting used to spending a fortune on your kids! if someone would have told me 15 years ago what we'd be paying to help our kid learn better, i'd have punched them!

    love you guys! the excitement about BC (baby condon) builds everyday!

  5. You made me get a little misty eye'd. LOL Im so serious. This little blurb/blog was sooo sweet. I love your life! Love you guys!