November 3, 2010

15 week reveal

In case you were wondering, I've been slacking. More busy than slacking... especially with such big news that we got last week. I'm assuming though that most of you already saw on Facebook that Baby C is a BOY!!!!!! And boy, oh boy, are Rich and I excited!

All last week we had Rich's best friend Chaz in town staying with us. We were pretty busy with him, and also busy shopping for our little man. That's right, the craze has officially begun. We're too stoked to NOT let it begin. Last Thursday is when we had the ultrasound done. We were flying high like kites and taking a belly pic last week completely slipped my mind. Instead, we have four videos for your viewing pleasure. I've posted Part 4 on here, but below is the link to our youtube account where you can view the others.

Just like before, Baby C was uncooperative at the beginning of his show. He was actually sleeping at 9:30 in the morning, even after I had a pumpkin spice latte to try and help his movement. I eventually had to get off the table to jump around because he was sound asleep. It was really cute to see him still. We got a perfect view of his little body and spine. You'll get to see that in Part 1. Plus, we get extra viewing time when he's a little stubborn ;o)

for more video:


  1. I loved every second of this. Gave me goosebumps. So amazing. I loved that one part near the beginning...such a clear shot of the whole body. Lovey him ;)

  2. There are such things as showers you know! Save that money for when you'll really need it! It is hard to keep a blog going when you have other, more important things on your mind. xo