November 26, 2010

19 weeks~Thanksgiving day

We came. We ate. We conquered. Happy official Holidays, everyone!

Things have been a little busy around the Condon household for the past couple weeks, which explains my absence for blogging.
Last weekend we went down to Port Saint Lucie to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We went Friday afternoon and returned Sunday. We got to spend quality time with everyone over a massive, delicious meal. My mom, grandmother, and all of my aunts spend a few days preparing everything and it definitely shows. After the day and dinner we had yesterday, I will never take a Thanksgiving meal for granted again. I never really put that much emphasis on what goes into a dinner like that. After spending a day and a half doing nothing but cooking and cleaning, I got my wake-up call. So to all of you moms, sisters, and daughters, who have cooked and hosted Thanksgiving, BRAVO!

Rich and I ended up hosting the holiday this year in our new home. We had the pleasure of spending the day with his mom, and then the afternoon into the night, with his dad and Sandra, who is his dad's significant other, and Rich's cousin, Bill.
It really was a wonderful day and meal. I must say I'm quite proud of myself. However, my back and feet are not. I meant to capture the moment on film, but I was so busy that I forgot. Although I was able to snap a pic of our festive table, pre-dinner:

and I just decided to add this one in here too because I think I think it's cute, and it shows the table a little. Delila seems quite confused :

When I was younger, my mom and I used to indulge in that crazy day known as "Black Friday". We used to be "those" people who would wake up at 3am and door bust. LOL When 8am rolls around, you feel as if you've put in a full days worth of work. It really is crazy. I haven't shopped black Friday like that in years though. While browsing through the ads yesterday, I did see some great deals, but nothing that we really needed. Well, 4:30 this morning rolls around and of course I toss and turn, and can't fall back asleep. This has been happening more frequent than I would like. So I finally get out of bed around 5 and instantly go check the Old Navy ad for their black Friday hours. They had been open since midnight, I couldn't sleep, so what's a girl to do?? SHOP! hahaa That's right, I got dressed and went shopping super early this morning. I only went to Old Navy, Starbucks, and Target, but did get some great deals. I, of course, bought more things for the baby. He got more clothes, socks, and an actual toy. It's all so cute! I was also able to find some winter clothes for myself. We'll be heading to Atlanta for New Years, so warmer clothes are a must. And we can't forget about Rich, he got some things too, but we won't specify what. I was actually able to shop without him for once so I took advantage and started my Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Christmas, I decorated this morning! With the things I had to work with anyway. Rich still has to get our Christmas box from out of the attic. He's currently at a closing, but sometime this afternoon we're going to pick out our tree. I don't know what it is this year, but I am so stinkin' excited about the holidays. Last year with all that was going on with the wedding, we didn't really celebrate to the fullest. We didn't get a tree or decorate, but it was all worth it once March rolled around.
At Target this morning I purchased a mini tree, with all the mini decorations to add to it. I was able to get that put up. Isn't he cute!? I'll post a picture of our main tree once we get it all up and decorated:

I haven't shared a belly pic in two weeks, but I can assure you this thing is growing like whoa now. My first pair of maternity pants are actually getting tight around the waist. When I sit and eat I have to unbutton them. Classy!
I've been feeling the baby move since a little over 17 weeks. I don't think it's hard kicks yet, but more so the quickening. It was very light at first, but now it's getting a little harder each time. It's just amazing to feel my little man moving around. It's nice to know he really is in there.
Rich has been able to feel him a couple of times too. I think it's more apparent to me right now, but he's felt a little somethin', somethin'.

Next week, Thursday, we're going for our 20 week ultrasound. I can't wait to see him again! Let's hope everything measures properly and all looks good! They will also confirm the gender, yet again. After this photo shoot, we won't get to see him again until the end of January when we go for our 3d/4d ultrasound. Those should be some pretty incredible photos!

Instead of the usual belly pic this week, we managed to snap a couple regular ones for Thanksgiving:


  1. The house looks beautiful & so do you!! You think Thanksgiving is hard try xmas!!! One crazy year I was 6 months pregnant with Em-had a 19 month old & had 3 get together's! Once you have children you become super woman.

  2. totes agree with what lisa said: you'll never feel more like a superwoman than when you can pull off a big holiday meal!

    so glad you're back on the blog grind - i was missin' it! thanksgiving sounds like it went great and i CANNOT even wait til new year's!

  3. Superwoman will be reporting for duty soon:)

    Lib, we're so excited! 4 more weeks until we're kickin it.

    Lisa, shirt look familiar? It's the only thing I'be been able to wear of yours. I love it!

  4. It's a regular top-I don't know why I bought it- It was too big but so beautiful! It had never been worn