May 2, 2011

Spencer Kane Condon

has arrived! Our little man didn't want to wait for his induction, so instead he came on his own. My water broke in the early morning on Tuesday, April 12th. After spending all day and night waiting for him, laboring for 20 hours and pushing hard for almost three hours, Spencer arrived via c-section at 12:33 am on April 13th.
Long story, short-- Spencer was face-up and although I was continuously pushing, he was stuck at my pubic bone and was not budging any further. With each push, everyone could see his head clear as day. He was right there and SO close, yet also very stuck. The nurse we had was wonderful. She had me do every position possible ( some acrobat type stuff. LOL) to try and get him to turn, but no such luck. Since my water was broken for almost 20 hours, a fever set in during delivery and I had to have antibiotics administered. The longer the baby is without the amniotic fluid, the more risk there is, so c-section it was. As much as I dreaded going that route, I know it's what was best. Plus, once I heard Spencer's first cry, everything was perfect and nothing else seemed to have mattered. Our life was now complete, and this is the reason why:

       Spencer Kane Condon ~ April 13th, 2011 at 12:33 am ~  8lbs  6oz  21.5 inches

It has since been exactly 19 days since becoming a mommy, and I can honestly say that I am in complete awe and so much in love. It's still a little hard to believe that we're now parents, but Rich and I are thoroughly enjoying every moment. Rich took paternity leave along with my maternity leave so we've been spending most of our days caring, and just mostly staring, at this little guy. We made him! What an awesome feeling!

Spencer has been kind to us. The first two days home were a bit of an adjustment for us all, even Delila. Since then, Spence has gotten used to his new and permanent environment, and we're on a pretty good schedule. Of course his eating, pooping and sleeping patterns vary, but I think we have the night time fairly easy. He lets us get anywhere from three to five hour stretches of sleep. Each night is different though. For the most part, we haven't felt sleep deprived often.

Already, Spence is pretty unique. He's been to the pediatrician twice and has also had a couple of visits with a lactation consultant. Each visit, neither of them can believe his alertness and his actions/movements. He is already doing things that most babies don't discover until about two months old. Not to mention his off the charts weight gain. LOL We definitely have a little porker on our hands. He continues to gain weight rapidly, and so early on. Most babies don't regain their original birth weight for about two weeks, but Spence gained his back within a matter of days. Yeesh!

Finding the time these days to update the blog has been a little difficult, but don't give up on us just yet. We'll be adding new pics and Spencer updates as frequent as possible. Still trying to juggle my part-time internet "job" and this mom thing. I'll get there ;o)

In the meantime, check out Spence's 365 progress:
Spencer 365 (click me)
I can't help but to constantly snap pics of our little cuteness so I decided that a photo a day for his first year was only appropriate. It will be cool to look back on.


  1. It sure will! What you're describing sounds amazing to me--I never had it that easy. Keep up the good work!

  2. He certainly is incredibly alert-he seems like a 3 month old to me! It must be because he's so special!!!

  3. i cannot WAIT to hold that lil porker! countdown begins: NOW!