June 2, 2011

Life as we know it

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a horrible blogger. Since our sweet Spencer entered our life, I can hardly sneak away to cook, clean, exercise, let alone post a new entry.
So here I am, finally writing again. It's been a couple of weeks since my last and I feel so much has occurred.
Our little man is hitting some milestones and melting our hearts left and right. He turned 7 weeks old yesterday. Can't believe he's almost two months.
Last week he has started smiling at us when we talk or play with him. He has smiled since day one, but usually only while sleeping. My mom said it was because he sees angels in his sleep. But now, he smiles bright eyed and bushy tailed, and I just adore it. I didn't think he could get any cuter, but boy was I wrong. Our little ham is even more of a doll baby while smiling! These Orlando females don't know what's coming their way. I was able to catch a few pics with my phone:

Another new one is how vocal he's becoming. The coo's are becoming more frequent and louder. Along with the smiles, we also get a laugh out loud (LOL) on occasion. It's pretty awesome. We love this little munchkin so much. It really is a love like no other. I know you hear people say that all the time, but now I'm experiencing it firsthand and know what all the fuss is about.
Spence also experienced his first Memorial Day this past weekend, and even got into the pool for the first time. He didn't have too much of a reaction to it, but I think he liked it. Rich held his upper body so his little bum and legs floated up behind him. He looked like a little frog. I should've taken pics, but instead the nervous mom was right there to supervise. Hahaa. Maybe next time. Here's a pic of us relaxing in our new hammock after a busy Memorial day:

I'll touch on the breast issue quickly as I'm sure you're tired of reading about it as much as I'm tired of experiencing it. I've started a new dose of the yeast medication and am to continue it for a month. As long as I'm on the medication, the pain subsides. So right now breastfeeding is not horrible for me, although I do still have to use the nipple shield so we don't transfer it back and forth. The shield is a royal pain in the bum, but I'm game for anything that is going to make me better. So be it.
Please keep your fingers crossed that after a month these meds knock the stubborn yeast out.

Our life has been getting back to normal slowly, but surely. Over a few weeks ago we were nervous about bringing the baby out so soon without his vaccines. Therefore we weren't really doing much, me especially. I was pretty much home bound. Luckily, we've since grown out of that phase. Spence is a little older and being exposed to the crazy outside world is good for him. That being said, we've indulged in our greasy spoon breakfast spots, had dinner out quite a few times, and even gone shopping. Ahhh, our old life is back... with a new addition :)
Getting out of the house is now a chore, but we're hoping to improve. We're currently late to everything.
Not only has getting out felt great, but also trying to squeeze in some physical activity. Last week I did yoga in our living room and walked with Rich and the baby one night, then Rania and the baby another.
Then... are you ready for this??? This morning when Spence woke up to eat at 5:30, I layed him back down and Rich encouraged me to go to the gym since I've only been talking about it all week. So once Spence was down, I quickly threw gym clothes on and darted out the door. Of course I thought about him the entire time, worried that he would wake up again soon to cluster feed, but at the same time I enjoyed my 45 minute workout, which also included my reuniting with my old friend, Mr. Sauna. 'Twas lovely!
So when I got home I didn't hear any crying or fussing so I thought all was golden. When I walked into our bedroom Rich was rocking the wide awake babe in our rocker/ottoman. He wasn't crying, but I guess just wanted to relax with someone other than his sleeper. Rich went back to bed, I fed him, and here I write this with a little sweetness sleeping on my chest.

Oh yeah, Happy June everyone! This month we have big plans every single weekend until after 4th of July. As exciting as it may sound, I'm afraid it's going to help my maternity leave go by even quicker. I'm scheduled to return to work on July 11th and am already dreading it. Why can't I just continue watching my son daily, and assisting with his development and learning?!?! I guess my situation could be worse. Since I work from home he'll always be near. It just won't be me there by his side all day. <tear>

A few recent pics:


  1. You're not a horrible blogger Jenn--you've got other things on your mind! That said, it's a bigger commitment than people who don't blog realize.

    I'm very impressed you are still breast feeding--you are quite the trooper!

  2. im in love with his shades lol he definitely did frog legs in the pool. im rather impressed lol