June 14, 2011

Spencer Kane~ 2 months

Spencie turned two months old yesterday. He had a very happy day and spent 'lots of time at the "gym". He loves his activity gym so much. He lays there and kicks his arms and legs, and talks to Mr. Pus.. the stuffed octopus that hangs down and watches over him. They're totally bff's.

Each day it seems as if Spencer inherits a new characteristic. He smiles all the time now and I swear he laughs often, but sound isn't quite coming out yet. He does however LOL in his sleep. It's the cutest thing ever. What am I talking about, HE is the cutest thing ever! I can be partial.
While his laughing sound hasn't surfaced yet, his version of talking has. He coo's all the time and has even been responding to us talking to him, the books we read him and also his toys and stuffed animal friends. I know Spence has so much to say, but we're not quite there. 
Spencer's muscles are also growing strong with each day. He lifts and holds his head up so well. He still needs our help to support it at times though. Our son has a BIG head. I'm thinking this is the cause for him not being able to hold it completely up yet. He does however stand already, with our assistance of course. His legs are so strong and he's able to support himself up. His cute little feet even take a few steps forward when we have him in the standing position. Rich jokes that we'll have him walking by six months.

check out our youtube channel as we've uploaded a few new videos. more to come...