September 26, 2011

Spencer Kane~ 5 months

I love....

I love the way you stretch in my lap right after your feeding
I love how your smile is as big as the sun
I love watching you develop
I love kissing you all over
I love the way milk drips down the side of your cheeks
I love the way you splash in the bath
I love the way your fingers explore mine
I love to watch you in the mirror
I love the way your laugh is changing each day
I love how your arm is gently placed on my chest while nursing you
I love the way you grasp my fingers
I love your stretches in mid-air when I pick you up
I love the way you talk to me even if I can't yet understand you
I love the way you nuzzle my shoulder
I love when you yawn
I love how limp you get when you're sleeping on me
I love the way you eat my face
I love walking and rocking you to sleep while making up nursery rhymes
I love the wiggle worm and rollie pollie you've become
I love how you want to touch everything
I love it when you fall asleep on me with your mouth wide open
I love to smell your baby breath... it truly is the sweetest
I love the comfort you find from belly sleeping
I love your nursing moans
I love the way you smile at your daddy
I love it how you are constantly excited kicking your feet and swinging your arms
I love your confused face when you first wake up in the morning
I love waking up to you talking to yourself... and your loud toots
I love your laugh when I play with you
I love how your feet are your new favorite toy
I love all of your new milestones
I love your curiosity
I love it when we laugh together
I love your proud face when you do something new
I love the way you grasp onto my ponytail, but don't love you pulling out my hair
I love to watch you sleep
I love your little breaks from nursing to look up at me and smile
I love your determination
I love experiencing new things with you
I love how intrigued you are with electronics
I love your squeaks, coo's, ah's and ooo's
I love your deep sleeps and how your mouth hangs wide open
I love teaching you
I love your little fingers and toes
I love your button nose
I love your soft lips
I love petting your hot head
I love your ears
I love the fat rolls on your thighs
I love your swirled belly button
I love the dimples on your bum
I love your baby arm muscles
I love your long eyelashes
I love your voice and ever changing sounds
I love being your mommy
I love you with all of my heart and soul. You are the best gift ever.
I just love YOU!


  1. There's nothing quite like a Mother's love--done beautifully Jen.

  2. Such a sweet post - it sums up how I feel about my little munchkin perfectly :)

  3. I've GOT to figure out how to subscribe/get updated when you have a new post! I always love them - and you! xx

  4. And btw, the pause in nursing to look up at mama's face? I DIE. One of my favorite memories!