August 18, 2011

Spencer Kane~ 4 months

Can't believe our boy is a quarter of a year old! He has been growing so much and I enjoy everything new he does. We had his four month check-up this week and his stats were:

16 lbs 3 oz- He is in the 80th% for his weight
26 3/4 inches- He is above the 95th% for his height. The doc said "he's off the charts"
16 1/2 head circumference- He's in the 45%. I'm ok with this because I seriously thought he had a huge head. hahaa

Everything checked out great and Spence took his shots like a man. He cried for about 20 seconds and was totally fine right after. I think the shots hit him later that day and the next. He always seems to get extra fussy and needy. Then he wants to go and fight naps so it just makes all even worse. He is his normal self again and as happy as can be.

Have I mentioned what a happy baby we have??? This kid constantly spoils us with his smiles and baby talk. The conversations we've been having just keep getting better, and louder. Spencer LOVES to be heard and we LOVE to hear him. It's a win, win.

Since my last post, Spencer has had a lot of firsts'.... he's been eating cereal for about a month now, and just this week we have introduced real baby food. It is so much fun to feed him. Every day he gets better with the spoon and chewing. He's a natural. I am still nursing him, and he still has one, sometimes two, bottles of formula per day. His appetite is the only thing that has not changed. No matter how much we feed him, he still expects to eat just about every two hours. The cereal and baby food does not do the trick for him like most babies. Spencer continues to be a porker.

Also, just this week, Spencer has moved from being cradled at night (in his newborn napper pack 'n play), to laying flat. We are doing this in preparation to make the BIG move to his crib. He is still in our room. Mommy is not ready to give him up just yet. So we'll continue with the flat sleeping in the pack 'n play for a few more weeks, then make the transition. I probably won't be able to sleep that fist week. I'm just nervous because our bedroom is so far from his. We're on the other side of the house. We have a video baby monitor, but it's just not the same. Maybe it won't be so bad.. we'll see.

Spencer still doesn't have the rolling over down, but he's reallllly close. He's been getting a lot of tummy time and pops his head up like a champ though. We think he may skip the whole rolling over and crawling bit, and go straight to walking. He loves to stand all the time. He dances and also takes steps.. baby steps, but still steps ;o)
We've had him hanging out in an Exersaucer for the last couple of weeks. It's not only entertainment for him, but also helps strengthen his legs. It's so funny to watch his feet go nutso in that thing. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel. There you can see him in action in "Saucer Sessions".

Rich and I are really enjoying our new jobs... parenting. Motherhood for me has exceeded ALL expectations. I am having so much fun watching my baby grow, teaching him, loving him, you name it. I am ready to do it all over again! Speaking of which, if all goes according to plan, Spencer may just have a brother or sister at the end of 2012. I knew I was going to love being a mommy, but didn't know I would love it this much. It's just amazing and I truly feel blessed... everyday and every time I look at my beautiful baby boy. All of you moms reading this know exactly what I'm talking about.

                                                      Our trip to St. Augustine 2011


  1. The pic in the hat is a killer!!1 Let me know when I can visit again xxoo

  2. That kid is such a little doll! I love him!!!