August 13, 2012


The Condons are starting out the week exhausted. You would think our weekend consisted of non-stop partying and dancing so hard, we can hardly move due to our bodies being so sore from it. Unfortunately, our weekends aren't like that and haven't been for a long time now. Even well before our Spencer came into the picture we adjusted our lifestyle. Being home-bodies, vegging out, shopping, going to breakfast, are examples of an ideal weekend for us. This also was not the case. Instead, we nested. Well, more me than Rich. I forced him to nest. I tell ya, this pregnancy nesting business is no joke! During my first pregnancy I began nesting early on, around 15 weeks. I can recall having Rich and a friend basically flip our living rooms around. Which of course now, I'm so glad we did that. It made space for an adult living room and the kids living room. It just made sense, and still does.
We've had this bookcase for a while, but just moved it over to the kids living room/play area and recently added the bins. The boys' twine first name initials were made by moi and I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome of this little set-up

Over the weekend, we planned to switch Spencer's room. He upgraded from the nursery to his "big boy room". Sounds simple and fun, but really it wasn't. As mentioned in my last post, my parents were here to help and just as some of you commented, they truly are the greatest! They take time out of their weekends, not often, but as things come up, and help us construct, organize, clean, you name it. Anything we need help with, they're always readily available. Rich and my dad constructed three new pieces of furniture, cleared out a bedroom, moved stuff all around the house and even set some things up outside. All while my mom and I cleaned out closets, organized those closets, set-up two new rooms and kept my baby boy entertained and happy. Spencer was such a big help in all of the disarray. He's at a stage now where he has to assist with every.little.thing. Even has to help push the shopping carts wherever we go. During all of the moving, we weren't too busy for a little playtime:

We still made time to try out our new baby pool and just as I was considering packing up the ball pit for a little while, Spencer decided to spend alllll weekend in there. We've had it set up in the kids living room since we got it for his first birthday in April. He's usually in there a few times a day and always playing with some kind of ball. But for some reason, he spent extra time in his pit all weekend long. Maybe he could sense my wanting to move it. So needless to say, it's still up and crammed in a bedroom for now.

Lots of newness for us all. Along with a newly rearranged home, mainly Spencer has had a lot of firsts. Let me start off by wishing him a HAPPY 16 MONTHS today! He's another month older and with that came a new view on life.... in the car, that is. We turned his car seat around so he is now officially forward facing. He was hilarious when we went for a ride yesterday. He was so unsure, yet so excited to be able to see everything happening in front of him. 

My baby boy this morning (via Instagram) having his breakfast snack. He is so excited to be 16 MONTHS!

So on top of being another month older and forward facing in his car seat, Mr. Spencer also got a new room. Most of you reading this already know that he's been out of his crib since eight months old. Long story short, after attempting sleep training and the crying it out method, he refused the crib. So he's been  sleeping comfortably on the floor of his nursery every since. Well now the little man has a queen size bed... still on the floor. He's spent a total of one night and has taken two naps in there and seems to love it. The transition has been a little easier than expected. Believe it or not, it's taking him more time to get acclimated to his new changing table than it is his bed. I'll take it. 
Here are a few before and after photos of our guest bedroom/office/dj set-up, turned toddler room. We're still working on adding a few little things, but this will give you an idea of what we've done with the place.


Here's hoping night number two will be just as successful.


  1. His little (big!) room is precious!! I love it. Looks wonderful. And you're right about the nesting: NO JOKE! That ish is real! The twine letters look great and I'm so glad you're able to keep us up to date with the blog. <3<3<3

    1. Spence said "thanks, Aunt Libby" :)
      Omg, the nesting has taken over! It's not just about moving things around or cleaning/organizing, it's more replacing certain items in the house. Ooof, make it stop. Hahaa

  2. Super cute and so "big brother!" Those twine letters are amazing!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Gail! The letters were Pinterest inspired, of course :)