August 9, 2012

Oh, Florida...

I'm over you!
It seems like all we've been getting is rain... like for literally the past three months, if not longer. Our crazy summer rain showers begin in May usually and intensify by June and July. Here we are in August already(!) and still... rain, rain, and more rain. Each afternoon and evening it pours. I don't mind the rain, it's more the thunder and especially the lightning that accompanies it. Ever since I can remember I have been a chicken when it comes to lightning. I guess I have my mom to thank for that. My memories of her are driving down the road and with each lightning strike, she would take her hands off the wheel to cover her head and let out a petrified scream. I was too young to notice it, until probably about eight or nine years old. That's when my fear started to grow. And now that I'm older, I'm pretty much just like my mom. When lightning is present, you will not find me outside. I will purposely trap myself inside a vehicle for hours before I get out to even run from the car to a certain destination. It's that bad. I cringe even inside the house with all of the blinds closed. I'm older and wiser, and have seen waaaay too many news stories about people getting struck.
Florida used to be known as the "Lightning Capital of the World" until recently when Rwanda, Africa took the torch. Instead, we're now the "Lightning Capital of the U.S." And Central Florida, from Tampa to Titusville, has the added distinction of being called "Lightning Alley." Because of the frequency of electrical storms, our state leads the nation in fatalities and injuries caused by lightning-- 1523 deaths and injuries to be exact. And that my friends, is the reason why this chick does not play with lightning. As I sit here and type this, the thunder and lightning is just cracking away.
(not my photo)

On a positive note, Summer is wonderful because we get to enjoy the nearby beaches, our pool and fun in the sun. We actually just bought Spence his own little baby pool and sprinkler for the backyard. If the weather permits, we plan on having some backyard fun. Pics will definitely follow.
Something new for us this summer was Musikgarten. Musikgarten is an interactive group of kids Spencer's age and we meet each week to just basically jam... baby style. hahaa We were given instruments and a cd to be able to practice and play at home also. We've had the best time not only singing and learning new songs together, but also getting to know other moms and their children better. I've been involved in a moms group through Facebook since Spencer was born, and the group of almost 140 ladies are just fantastic. They have been there for me for the past 16 months. Even when I don't have an issue or a question, I am constantly learning from these women. It's a judge free zone and I feel so lucky to have had their support from day one. Quite a few moms from our group also attend Musikgarten and I've had the pleasure of meeting some of those ladies in-person. They truly are all wonderful, as are their babies. Spencer has had so much fun mingling with others kids his age. Today was our last music class which also included a picnic. Before we could get the entire group together for a picture, some had to leave. But here are a few of my old/new mom friends and our little cuties:
Wish the photo was a little better quality, but what can you do. We all plan to sign-up again for the fall classes in hopes of getting into the same class together. <fingers crossed>

Tomorrow is Friday, Hallelujah!
My parents are planning to visit this weekend, but unfortunately we'll be putting them to work. We'll be rearranging the house a bit, and our big project is operation "Spencer's Big Boy Room." He is moving from the nursery into what is now our guest bedroom/Rich's office/Rich's dj set-up. I'm sad to see a guest room go, but these boys are unable to bunk together. There is just no way I'm putting a crying infant into our toddlers room. Spence would wake up constantly and I don't want to have to deal with two crying babies. Not every night anyway. Plus, we have the room so why not?! We just won't have the space/accommodations for many overnight guest visits. We do always have an air bed though :) I keep tryyyying to talk Rich into an addition at some point, but he's not budging. Not yet anyway.  


  1. He'll get there. Happy wife happy life..thats what the husband bear says! ;)
    That music class sounds awesome!! Wish you had video to post of the little rock stars! Jamison Blue starts Baby Mozart tomorrow..we'r VERY EXCITED ..there's a drumming bear...we're IN!

    Thanks for the read.

  2. So nice you've been able to make some "mom" friends! Your parents are awesome.

    1. I so agree: your parents are just great! Had NO idea about the lightning - guess I never let myself think about it, just like the shark thing at NSB!