August 25, 2012


Spencie Mark

Spencer is our little pimp, playa and hustla'.... not really, but it sounded cool. Plus, I've always liked that tag line. 
What he is though, is popular. I swear this boy is busier than Rich and I put together. He's actually the reason why we're so busy. Yesterday he had not one, but two play dates! Two dates with both of his little girlfriends, but don't tell them. Luckily they're not old enough to browse the web.
Ellie came over the house in the morning and then late afternoon we went down the street for a bbq at Ruby's house. 

Ellie is the daughter of Glenn and Jen McCullough. Glenn works closely with Rich as he's a realtor, and I think they may even know each other from back in the day when Rich's music career was still alive. Ellie is almost two months older than Spencer so Jen and I were pregnant together. We met for the first time during an open house for a potential pediatrician. Since everything was so new, we all piggy backed off one another for info. We got the kids together when Spence was only three months old and he and Ellie have been inseparable ever since. They're so cute and gentle together.

Ruby is actually two days younger than Spencer AND lives literally right down the street, also on Vine. I met her mom Amy through my moms group and so wish we knew each other sooner. Come to find out, she also went on bed rest at 35 weeks. We could've totally kept each other company during that time and maternity leave, and the kids could've also beeeen hanging out. We're just happy to have finally met them and to be having regular play dates. Last night was Spence and Ruby's first dinner date and they were hilarious. We hung out in their backyard, chatted it up with Ruby's super cool parents, and enjoyed the beautiful weather Tropical Storm Isaac seems to be bringing in. 

We're lucky to have an awesome circle of parents, and Spencer is lucky to have so many friends already. Funny how that works because now that we're on baby # 2, we also know a handful of other friends who are due around the same time as us, give or take a month. So Baby C 2 will have his little group of friends also :o)

Round 1:


Monkey'ing around

Ellie on the mic


Spence showing off his new interactive 'Thomas' book

Round 2:

Shy guy playing hard to get

all warmed up

Ruby and Minnie

Ruby's a fan of Spencer's curls

All aboard the Richie express

Too cute! They have the same expression.


  1. LOVE LOVE the CHEERS pic!!! Get em spence

  2. Oh, I love that little fella SO much! The Marky Mark series is genius!! xxoo

    1. Glad you like :) Spence loves his Aunt Libby so much too!