August 23, 2012

Why, Hello there

Here we are, entering our way into the third, and final, trimester. 28 weeks pregnant and our baby boy is just as active as ever. When he kicks, he kicks hard. We're now at what I like to call the "alien stage". You can see the little peanut from the outside just a squirming around my belly. Looks alien-ish to me. The feeling inside is much more intense than it looks. I now feel him allll over. Last night Rich and I were reminiscing and trying to recall Spencer's movements. Poor Spence (and mom) constantly had the hiccups. I think I've felt one round thus far with this little guy.

When I tell people that I feel I'm made to do this, they think I'm crazy. Same when I mention that we would have an army of kids, had I not have to work. Seriously though, my pregnancies truly are the easiest ever. Never once have I gotten sick with either. I had heartburn and back pain with Spence, but this time around is a breeze. Now lets just keep our fingers crossed things remain that way. I think we were 35 weeks when I had to go on bed rest last time due to my placenta mishap. You can read about that here.
This second time around is also much more 'lax. While I'm busy chasing around my toddler, I know that our other baby boy will grow just fine without the constant worry like the first time around. With everything being so new last time, I read book after book, came across the craziest stories on the internet, worried about each ache and pain, etc. This time around I don't need to do that. This time I'm actually relaxed and letting baby boy do his thang in the development department. Heck, I've even had my occasional glass of wine at times.

Monday we visited our doctor for a brief check-up and for hopefully my last lab draw. I had to drink this crazy sugary drink, wait an hour, then have my blood drawn. It's to check for Gestational Diabetes. They want to ensure your body is breaking down your sugars properly. I passed no problem with Spence, so Im hoping for the same result. At this point in the pregnancy, I can not foresee myself on a strict diet. No, Thank you. Mama's enjoying her cupcakes and donuts, amongst many other indulgences.
During our visit we were informed that we will be seeing the doc every two weeks in September, and then weekly starting in October. AND, and... our next visit we will be scheduling our sons birthday! Crazy, right?! It gives me a little anxiety just typing this out, but hearing that gave both Rich and I a reality check. Our second son will be here in just twelve short weeks, if not sooner. Whoohoo! 
While I am over the moon excited, a little part of me is nervous... which I'm sure is quite normal. I know we're going to have our hands full, but it's going to be so much fun. I've been ready for the challenge, hence getting pregnant six/seven months ago. It's just hard to believe that we'll be able to love someone/something just as much as we love Spencer. I think that's what I'm most nervous about. The love I feel for Spence is like no other. He constantly brings a smile to my face and amazes me each day. He makes me a better person and makes me strive to be the best mom out there. I'm sure I'll have no problems at all loving them both equally. This "job", if you even want to call it that, of being a mother is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I am so blessed!

Sorry, just got really sappy there and might've even shed a little tear :)

Let's talk about our weekend...
I've been so busy with life and work that it's Thursday already and I'm just now posting about it. As mentioned in my last post, we had house guests and did our family maternity photo shoot. Our friends Chrissy, Thane and Tanner came on Saturday and we seriously had the best weekend. Spencer and Tanner played so well. They played trains (Thomas, of course), trucks, made music together, fed one another and played outside at the water table and kiddie pool. Their first sleep over was a huge success and really were too cute!
Our maternity sesh went well. Hot, of course. I found some really cute ideas on Pinterest and I'm sure Chrissy did a fabulous job bringing them to life. The lighting and scenery was just perfect so we're very anxious to see her beautiful work, as usual. Peep her at Vitalic Photo. I can't help but pimp her because she really is that amazeballs. Hope to have a new post up soon to share those pics with you :)

In the meantime, some cuteness from the weekend:

The Tru's

stuntin' like his daddy

Tanman helpin' a brother out

Baby Blaise

The boys hard at work


decompressing with daddy
these boys make sweet music together


  1. You WERE made to do this & you are mighty good at it! Not crazy to me-I may have had more myself if Danny wasn't a fireman at the time. It is scary with the love thing but seeing them together is so crazy sweet!! Can't wait

  2. awesome post! the pics are so adorable....a house full of cuties! And you brought a little tear to my eye as well with all that mush! How sweet that you worry about loving the new addition....just wait till you see your SONS together...I dont know if your heart will be able to handle it! I cant wait for pics and am so excited for your growing family!

    Jamison Blue says "WHERE'S HIS SLEEPOVER!??!" I told him..soon Bub Bub sooon!