December 14, 2012

Here Comes the (other) Son

Almost three months behind in my 'blogging', but I guess I've got to start somewhere. Last time I was on here Rich and I were taking our Babymoon to Captiva Island in September. We had a wonderful time of course. We ate, he drank, we walked everywhere, had uninterrupted conversations, watched the sunrise and sunset. We fished from the shore each morning like an old couple. We took a sunset cruise which resulted in a hurricane (kidding... kind of). It was a much needed adult only get away. I missed my Spencer oh so much and even cried probably the first 20 minutes after we left, but I think the hormones might have played a big part in that. Overall I'm glad we went and enjoyed ourselves because I don't foresee us taking another adult getaway anytime in the near future. Not until I'm comfortable leaving both kids for an entire weekend. If it took me 18 months to leave Spence, who knows when I'll be ok leaving them both.

Fast forward to the middle of October and that is where things liven up a bit. The further along I was getting in my pregnancy, the Braxton Hicks contractions were becoming more intense. There was one weekend I recall like it was yesterday where they were pretty constant and even included some sharp shooting pains. I know that Braxton Hicks are normal, but I had never had the pain with them before. This feeling went on from a Friday until Monday. That Monday, October 15th, I was going to my Ob/Gyn for my 35 week visit. I explained what was happening and was assured it was normal and just to take it easy. I was even checked for dilation that day and was told I was in the early stages of effacing (softening). No dilation.
Tuesday, October 16th, we had a girlfriend come by that evening for a visit. It had been a while since we last caught up so we spent the entire evening doing just that. Once she left, this pregnant chick inhaled her dinner right at 9 p.m. During that time, Spencer had just been bathed and Rich was laying him down for bed. I wanted to get comfy so into my bedroom I go for my jammies. Just as I was taking my shirt off I felt a huge gush of something and even heard a pop. The first thing that came to mind was that I would look down and find blood, just like what happened with my first pregnancy. Much to my surprise though it was clear, and it just kept flowing. I grabbed a towel and waddled over to the other side of the house to Spencer's room. I opened the door to the boys who were just asleep and said quickly "Water broke. Gotta go". Rich and Spence both popped up confused, Rich in disbelief, and we started gathering all of our bags. Luckily I was packed and had Cameron all packed too. We didn't plan on Spencer having to go to the ER with us so along with Rich's bag, he also had to pack Spence some books and toys along with drinks and snacks. We were all calm, but deep down I was worried because it was so early. I was only 35.5 weeks and I just wanted everything to be ok with the baby.

Tuesday night in the Winnie Palmer ER, who knew everyone else in Orlando was going to be having babies?! They were so busy. I'll never forget watching the Obama/Romney debate in the waiting room with Rich and Spence, all while I have what feels like gallons pouring out of me. Ugh! We waited for about 45 mins before they called us back. Just like last time, they tested my leaking fluid to confirm it was in fact my broken water. Since you must wait eight hours after you've eaten to have surgery, Cameron wasn't going to arrive until at least 5 a.m. the following morning. So we waited, and waited. My parents got into town a little past midnight and they came to Spencer's rescue. Once he left, Rich and I tried really hard to get some kind of rest. It's extremely difficult to rest in a ER setting like that, and knowing your baby will arrive within hours, but we managed to count a few sheep.
Go time rolled around and up to the surgical floor we went. With my first delivery, I had a c-section after laboring allll day and night so I didn't have time to think about the what-ifs. This time around, they prepped me for about an hour, which included the epidural procedure. That alone is scary enough. If inserted incorrectly, you could become paralyzed. Then knowing I was about to be cut open was anxiety driven as well. The preparation seemed like it took hours, as did the surgery, which really lasted about a half hour. Ten minutes into the surgery and we welcomed our second baby boy... Cameron Cole.

Born 10/17/2012 at 5:28 a.m.   6 lbs 4 oz and 19 in (one month early) 

To hear his first cry is like music to your ears. It truly is a beautiful and magical moment, even if I couldn't hold him immediately due to the surgery. After cleaning him off and checking vitals, my baby boy was brought over to me and we met for the first time. He was stunningly beautiful! Gah, I'll never ever forget my first meeting with either of my boys.

Since Cameron was pre-mature, they needed to take him to what they call the Transition Nursery. It's where they go to be monitored, bathed, etc. Not quite NICU, but also not quite Cameron's mothers arms.
I got sewed up and was in recovery for a couple of hours. If everything is ok with your baby, they are usually in recovery with you. Neither Spencer, and now Cameron, were able to join me. Just like the first time, Rich bounced back and forth between the baby and I. Mainly the baby because we didn't want to leave him unattended for too long. I recovered and was finally placed in a room. Cameron ended up spending the entire day in the transition nursery. I had my son at 5:28 am and was not able to see him or even hold him until 6 pm that evening. I was devastated! Thank goodness for technology. Rich took constant pictures and videos and would share them with me after each nursery visit. We even used FaceTime while he was in there since I was restricted to the bed in our room.
Cam had to stay so long because he had a brief moment where he stopped breathing and they needed to continue to monitor him. I know he was in the best place possible, but I was a little selfish and wanted quality time with this new life we just brought into the world. Once I was finally able to visit him that evening, I was wheeled down and that's where the second strongest bond began. I held Cameron skin to skin, stared into his squinty eyes, kissed his nose and all over, and nursed him for the first time. He latched on like a champ.

First real meeting

We delivered on a Wednesday and were out of there by Friday afternoon. I did not wish to stay any longer. I missed Spencer so much! He and my mom came to visit multiple times each day we were hospitalized, but it's not the same. He was in an unfamiliar place wanting to explore everything and didn't have much time for his missing parents. The first time he met Cameron, he wanted nothing to do with him. Wouldn't even look in his direction. Day two he warmed up a little more and each day just keeps getting better. We are so blessed with two healthy beautiful boys. Life is good!

Curious Spence
Spencer meeting Cameron for the first time

family of FOUR!

Cameron busting out of the joint (aka: going home)


  1. Now, I finally know what happened! Darling, darling, darling.

    1. A little behind, but better late than never. Thank you! I keep telling myself I HAVE to keep up with this, but time has been getting away from me.