March 13, 2013

Cameron ~ 4 months

Well, considering Cam will be five months (OMG!) this weekend, I suppose I need to get busy and post his four month pictures and stats.

Our little big guy is getting pretty beast like. Ha! No, he's not beastly, but he's growing so darn much. You would never know he was a month premature. He had his well baby visit two weeks ago and here's where he stands...

Weight: 16 lbs 10 oz  (80%)
Height: 25 3/4 inches  (80%)
Head: 17.5  (90%)

Get this! He weighs more than Spencer did at four months. Spence was only 16.3 lbs.
Cameron's head is measuring big, in the 90th percentile. Could've fooled me because Cam seems to have a little pea-head compared to his brothers big head. Both of our boys have big heads, I guess. Just means they'll have 'lots a brains :)

Along with his growing body, Cameron is also developing quite nicely. I swear, this is my favorite age. From about 3 months and on, these little beings are so amazing. I enjoy watching them constantly grow.

Cam is currently doing the following in the milestone department:

- always holding his head up without any support
- can roll from belly to back (but not vice versa yet)
- hangs out on his elbows during tummy time
- starting to do a little army crawl (he's such a wiggler)
- belly laughs loud
- has found, and is eating, his feet and toes
- reaches, grabs and holds toys

                                                            And here's the man himself

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