March 19, 2013


"Lucky" is an understatement when it comes to my husband. I can't help but feel extremely thankful to have found him and to still have him in my life. He has not only shown me life and love, but has also given me the two most beautiful gifts in the world.

I'm highlighting this wonderful man because on St. Patty's Day this year (two days ago), marked EIGHT years of us meeting. Each year from March 17th, the day we met, through March 20th, our wedding day, is always a special celebration. Then again, who doesn't like week long celebrations?!

We have decided to take the day off tomorrow for an adult "play date". Rich and I will be at Universal eating, drinking and riding all of the rides we can't usually ride because of the little tykes always being with us. The forecast calls for 60% chance of rain, but we'll take our chances. Even if it does rain on our parade, we'll make the best of it as we always do.


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  1. Go for it--today's forecast was for cloudy skies and thunderstorms. What do they know? Congratulations!

  2. My husband and I also know the day we met - 4.4.04. Honestly, it's more special to me than our wedding day! I hope you had fun on your anniversary week.

  3. Enjoy your day! You know those weather forecasts...NEVER right!! Happy Anniversary (belated)!