April 29, 2013

Cameron ~ 6 months

"Biggie, Biggie, Biggie... can't you see....."

Cam, you're 6 months! And huge! Who would have ever guessed you were a month early?! At your six month check-up, these were your stats:

Weight- 19 lbs 9 oz  (80th percentile)
Height- 29 inches  (above the 98th percentile)
Head- 18.5  (98th percentile)

This month you've been holding yourself up into a push-up position and up on all fours. Your ready to take off crawling, but the beginners army crawl will have to do for now. You're able to sit up, but still assisted. You're learning how to hold a sippy cup, use your little gummies to chew, and are constantly blowing raspberries. You've even taught your brother that and it's now a game between you two.

...and your big bro wanted in on the photo shoot action too   (please excuse his skivvies)

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