April 30, 2013

Not so Happy Monday



As I write this, both of my boys are pretty miserable. And when they're miserable, mama's miserable. Anytime one of my children are sick, it's so heartbreaking for me. Every. Single. Time. You would think after two years I'd become accustom to it, but that hasn't been the case at all.

Where to begin. 

Well, I'll keep this short because I should be sleeping right now, but Spence just awoke for one of his many doses of Tylenol. 

It's been a rough past six days here in the Condon household. Spence is on day six currently of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. What's that you ask? I also had no idea what it was until recently researching. It's basically a viral illness that causes sores all in your mouth, on your hands, feet and diaper area. And since it's viral, there is absolutely nothing that can be done for it. It just has to run its course. Boo! For the past six days, S has been literally crying and whining around the clock, needing to be held and comforted, hasn't been able to eat, hardly drinks and we've become very familiar with all of the shows on Disney Junior. It's really been a difficult time. Baby boy won't talk because it hurts, drools puddles and just cries in pain from his multiple mouth sores. Ugh, this mama just wants her baby to be well. He actually woke up this morning in pretty good spirits, but still gets waves of pain and cries. I'm praying to god that this is the end of it and that at any moment now he'll begin to feel better :(

Cam went to the doc today for his six month check-up and of course shots to go with it. He took them like a champ, only cried for about 15 seconds, but was surely feeling it later this evening. He was extremely cranky and I think the shot site is sore. His legs seem sensitive when you're near that area. 
He also just got over a terrible face rash, which I thought was HFMD, but luckily he's in the clear thus far. Now, lets hope he stays virus free. I don't know if I can take another week of constant pain from another one of my angels.

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  1. I thought you were kidding about the HFMD. So sad, I feel your pain. When the twins were babies and toddlers, they had constant ear infections, and we were always at the pediatricians. It is so hard to see your babies in pain, however, the good news is they will never remember any of this. You will, but they won't. Good luck my sweet.

  2. Thank you, Aunt Gail. It's been really rough. S still isn't 100% either :(

  3. So sorry your boys are sick! It's the absolute worst. My kiddos have been sick too (Everett has a bad cold that's keeping him up at night and Emmy has gotten "something" that's caused a fever). I hope Spence is on the mend soon!!!