April 19, 2013

Everything was Arrrrright

The day anticipated a 60% chance of rain. We weren't going to let that turn us into party-poopers. Instead, we proceeded with the party as planned, and what a beautiful sunny day it turned out to be! Actually, at times it was very hot and humid. I'll take that any day over being rained out.

So the bounce house company came and set up the massive pirate ship, the decorations and food were all set-up and by 11 am our house was full of rambunctious pirates. Spencer had the best day ever! He played and played with all of his close friends and family. Not a single tear was shed and that my friends, is what I call SUCCESS! He even played (a lot, actually) in the monster bounce ship and slid down the steep slope of a slide. Once everyone sang "Happy Birthday, he had the biggest smile on his face and even clapped right after, followed by throwing his arms up for a "Woohoo". Our kid is a ham, and I love it.

Happy 2nd Birthday, to our sweet boy! He is so full of life and personality, is as sharp as a whip, and makes us constantly smile. To say he is loved and adored is an understatement.

To see more pics from the fun day we had, flip through my Flickr set.

So much Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!!!

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