April 17, 2013

Half a year

The weather has been quite amazing lately. With the exception of those few hot and muggy days from time to time, but the Florida weather is transitioning from Spring to Summer. Yes, already! Our Spring and Fall weather is the best to experience, but it doesn't last long at all. 

The week before Spencer's birthday party, we bought a new patio set. By patio set, I mean outdoor sectional sofa. I'm seriously in love! I've been spending a ton of time outside lately, and it's because of the outdoor comfort.

This morning was the best morning! Our littlest man, Cameron, is 6 months today!!! That's half a year old. I just got done planning and throwing Spencer's 2 year birthday, and now it's time to start that planning all over again for Cam.

When Cam woke up this morning, Rich and I spent some one on one time with him before his big bro awoke. We all hung outside and drank our tea, coffee and milk. The weather and slight breeze was beautiful. The birds sang their morning tune. I would live outdoors if I could.

Here's the half birthday boy flashing his pearly gums

trying to get in on some coffee action

Once Spencer got up, he wanted to wish his little bro, a Happy half Birthday as well. I know I've said this before, but they both seriously melt me!

Pictures from Spencer's pirate party will come soon. Also, I need to get busy and take Cam's official six month photos. Gaah, so much documenting to do with such little time.

I hope everyone has as great a day as we've already had! :)

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