May 9, 2013


 Is all we've been hearing lately. Cameron has a set of lungs, and vocal cords, and he's not afraid to use them. He's had so much to say lately. Spencer finds it humorous and decides to join in on the screeching and squealing fun. Yaay, us. 

We've had some beautiful weather as of late, and have been spending a lot of time outside. Both boys love it. Cam hangs out and goes nuts in his exersaucer, while Spence mows the lawn with his bubble mower. Meanwhile, you can usually find their parents up on the outdoor sofa while sipping a frosty beverage. Florida life is pretty fantastic. For now anyway. I'm sure the hot and humid weather is just around the corner.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of you mothers out there... to kids, pets, whatev. This is my third Mother's Day, but first as a mother of two. I could not feel any more blessed and so proud of my boys. They continue to amaze me each and every day. Gosh, I love those two!!!
We're off to the beach first thing in the morning to spend our weekend in the sand :)

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  1. Have a great Mother's Day at the beach--sounds marvelous. Your two boys are the cutest! I remember those bubble mowers, such fun.