May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was the busiest we've been since I can remember. We partied like the rock stars we no longer are, and I'm still trying to recover. We had friends in town visiting, friends celebrating their love, and quite a few house guests. We had the best time in a long while and it makes me realize how lucky we are to have such great peeps in our life. Now where to begin...


Our uber cute friends, Kelly and Dave, who live in Connecticut, are having their first baby (boy!!!) due in September. They are the sweetest couple and I'm sure their baby is going to top them. We are so excited for The Harris'!
So Friday night, they were due to fly in by about 8:45ish. Rania thought it would be fun to throw them a mini-baby shower. So the Mizz, Margoose and myself, we decided to do the damn thang. We gathered the cutest decorations we could find to throw them a rock star party. Well, as rock star as it could get with the pregnant chick. Little did we know, they were delayed quite a bit, so with some time to spare, we drank. and drank. and drank. LOL. If Rania ever offers you Limoncello, just say NO!
By the time they arrived, we were all feeling pretty good and were hiding behind the kitchen cabinets. As we jumped out and shouted (extremely loud), Kelly and Dave were shocked and ecstatic to see everyone. SUCCESS!

us girls waiting patiently
The Hostess with the Mostess supplying
Limoncello straight from Italia

a glimpse into our cute decor 

the cute couple rockin' out

all of us with the baby mama


Since my parents were in town to watch the boys for us while we partied (gosh, that sounds so irresponsible), we had a great morning and afternoon with them all before we got round two started. My BFF, Rania and her husband, Carl, were recently married. They took their immediate family and traveled to Italy to get hitched. They wed on the Amalfi Coast, one of the many (most beautiful) places Rich and I honeymooned. Seeing pics of their special day has brought back so many wonderful memories for me. So after their trip, they planned a gorgeous reception here locally where all of their close family and friends gathered. Us Condons are so incredibly happy for them! They are the perfect match for one another, and I am so glad to have been included in the celebration of their beautiful love. Now, we just anxiously await their cutie babies :)

The Mr & Mrs at the end of the night
Rania and Carl <3

the guys

and what a fun idea for a wedding reception:


Dave and Kelly came to visit our little men, and to swim and bbq. Our other friend John also joined us and we all had the greatest visit. Wish these two lived closer to us :(


Before another set of guests came over, we had some family time. It started with breakfast at Panera, followed by the park, which both boys got to enjoy. Spence ran around like a crazy man (typical), and Cam played standing(!!!) alongside the wagon. He also had his first swing experience and absolutely loved it. Then again, Spence loved the swing his first time then hated it any other time after that. Still does to this day. hahaa We then attempted to fly a Target Dollar Spot kite since there was a reasonable breeze, but after a few minutes of trying, we decided we're going to invest in a better quality kite. Trying to get it up was humorous.
After our park fun, we were homeward bound for lunch and naps, and to prepare for The Semescos visit. Our neighbor friends Amy and Dave came over with Spencer's little friend, Ruby. They splashed, played and had a dinner date.

the boys had fun playing with photo props from the night before

Cam is ready for the pool
Spence and Ruby juicing

I'm officially exhausted writing and thinking about the busy, yet super fun, weekend we just had. Definitely looking forward to hanging low in only a couple more days. 

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  1. im so exhausted but it was an awesome weekend with all my lovebugs <3 we're moving across town this weekend but the minute we're settled you guys come to our pool and we'll grill for YOU lol

    1. If I'm exhausted, I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling. All of the crazies will be over soon. We can't wait to come see, and play at, the new pad. #perronesparadise

  2. What great memories you are making! Cypress Grove Park is perfect isn't it?