June 8, 2013

Friday evening fun

A picnic down at the lake? Why not! Poor Richie and Cam are both sick. I
felt bad for Spence because he's been cooped up in the house all week due
to rain and a tropical storm. So to get some fresh air, we took a little
stroll to Lake Como. Friday eve's are usually our happy hour, but this week I
was the only one able to enjoy an adult beverage.
Rich has some sort of throat and sinus funk, and little Cami is either
getting what dad has or is teething like whoa. Literally, all day Friday he
would not allow you to put him down. He would just lay on my chest and
stare, and moan, whimper and cry. Then last night... Well, we won't go
there. Cam and I were up for most of it. This mama's extremely tired today.


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