June 6, 2013


Or "Babble on"? Regardless, we have a babbler. And a singer (kinda). And a TALKER!
That's right, this boy right here is talking :

Our 2 year old (25 months), who we've had in Speech Therapy since November of last year, is saying actual words now. When we started at 18 months, he had nothing. Hence the reason I had him evaluated. He started with the basics, Mama-Dada-Bye-Hi-Go, at about 12 months. Then one day he regressed. Those words were lost and so was I. We've always, always worked with him. Labeled everything. Sounded words out. They just never came back. He had some sounds, but by 18 months I really got concerned. Especially since all of his peers were speaking. My heart broke for him because he would always try to express himself, but could never find the words, literally. We worked on signs with him, which he picked up quickly, but still... I just wanted my baby boy to talk like all others his age. So we had him evaluated by the state through a program called "Early Steps". Luckily, he passed everything with flying colors. Even exceeded their expectations in some categories. It was just his expressive language that he lacked, a lot. We surprisingly qualified for their free services. So we began Speech Therapy with them, and also hired a personal therapist to work with Spence. When he began seven months ago, the only word he could, and would, say was "Ba". We even named our Elf on the Shelf, "Ba". LOL It saddened me to no end that my son couldn't say simple words like "Hi" or "Go" anymore. I'm almost in tears now writing this because I've wanted him to speak so badly. We just wanted some sounds other than "Ba". The therapists really had to work towards getting other sounds from him. Luckily, Spence is such a happy and calm boy that he thought all of this to be fun. He's still in therapy to this day, and looks forward to each of his therapists visit. He opens the front door for them, then guides them to their chair and prompts them to have a seat. He's always so anxious to see what new toy is in their bag. It's quite humorous.

So it all started a few weeks ago. Instead of slowly easing into words, out of the blue, Spencer began saying, and chanting, "Apple Juice". Apple Juice?!?! What the heck. LOL Talk about a proud moment. After a few days of his new found "Apple Juice" chant, he began saying other very important words such as "Mommeeee" and "Daddddeeee". Ahhh, music to our ears. Actually, right now, his new chant is "Daddddeeee". I know Rich is in heaven because he's never heard a clear "Daddy".
After becoming comfortable with his new voice, he's now even putting two words, sometimes three(!!), together. I am so very relieved to hear him talking. Everyone has been trying to make us feel better by saying that "once he starts, we'll want him to be quiet because he'll be talking all the time". My ass! I love his sweet little voice, and have yearned to hear it for the longest. I will never want him to be quiet. Mark my words. As sad as it sounds, I honestly thought Cam would start talking before him.

I won't bore you with all of his new words, but a few of my favorites are:

"I deeeed iiiit" (he says this with a country twang)
"No, no, babee" (as he's giving Cam a "no" finger wag)
"No teeth" (as Cam is reaching for his food or drink)
"Yes, peese" (this makes me proud)
"Yesssss" (he may have a little lisp, and I think it's the cutest thing everrr)
"Ni, niii, baby"
"Whud daaa" (What's that?)
"Noooooda" (noodle- his fave pool toy)

This kid is even able to count to ten using his words (except for 7, which were still working on), while counting on his fingers. Just like his Mama.
He can also say and identify every.single.letter in the alphabet.

Saying that Spencer makes me one proud Mama, is an understatement!!!

Thanks for listening to my post full of bragging. I think we've earned those rights though :)

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  1. So happy for you! Do you remember that I told you Matt did not say any words until he could speak in sentences and he turned out just fine. I didn't know enough other people with children to compare him to so that made it seem pretty normal to me.

  2. I do remember, and your experience have me hope :)

  3. i can't wait to chat with spencey!

  4. He's gonna tell you "ice cream". Lol

  5. I read this on my phone the day you posted it and couldn't figure out how to post a comment. But I'm sure you know my comment is that I just love hearing this news and I can truly feel your joy coming through in these words! I can't say I'm unbiased on the subject of Spencer, but he is such a sweet and curious little boy that I knew he would find a way to say what he needed to say when he was ready. LOVE you, love this. :)

    1. He'll have lots to see when you see him next month :) Love you tons!