July 15, 2013

Us Condons

We had our family photos taken about a month ago by a local photog, Briana Lugo Photography . Spencer is 26 months, and Cam is 8 months, in these. I was so nervous about how they would turn out because both boys were recovering from a two week sickness. Spencer pretty much refused to flash his typical nerdy "cheese" smile, and Cam just wanted to sleep. Not to mention, we took these in the middle of Florida's summer which consisted of humidity and mosquitos. I seriously wanted to cry after this photo shoot because I thought not one of the shots we took would turn out.
When we got our sneak peak on Briana's blog, I was pleasantly surprised! Not all of the pics have big smiles from the boys, but their seriousness is just as cute.
Here a few of my faves (ok, maybe more than a few):

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  1. Love them all!!! Amazing what can be captured among chaos!

    1. Thanks, Mama! So true. I'm thankful for Briana's skills, lol