October 10, 2013

Two way communication

Spencer's a graduate!

Today he was dismissed from the Early Steps program which has provided his Speech Therapy for almost a year. While it is sad to see these wonderful therapists exiting our lives, it is also very exciting because it means Spencer no longer needs or qualifies for their services. When we started just under a year ago, Spencer's only word was 'Ba". Fast forward to present day, Spence is currently 29 months old, and he is able to communicate very clearly to us. He is now using 4 and 5 word sentences. He runs around the house reciting the entire alphabet and counting to 25. He identifies everything and their colors, big or little, fast or slow, hot or cold, etc. He now tells us exactly what he wants and does not want, whether we like his requests or not. He has come so far and we could not be any more proud of him! The one year evaluation which dismissed him from the program showed that he is close to a five year old level. His evaluation results were met and exceeded beyond expectation. The therapists also advised us that once he begins Kindergarten, that it's likely he'll become bored easily. Their suggestion was to look into other programs, or even private school, to keep him engaged. Spencer is amazing to us and we are so happy and thankful for these services.
To celebrate, I guess we'll just have to drive him to play in the North Carolina mountains later tonight :)

Happy Momma,
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