November 15, 2013

Cameron turns ONE!

And just like that we have a one year old! I didn't have time to blink, nor to take Cam's 11 and 12 month photos. #momfail
I did have time to plan an out of town birthday bash though. Since Rich and I had a wedding to attend the weekend of Cam's birthday, we decided to host the festivities down in Port St. Lucie, at my mom's house. She was gracious enough to allow this and helped tremendously, as always. The evening was much success. We had a spooky spider themed party and most of the kids wore their costumes. Fun was had by all, and Cameron was overwhelmed with fun gifts, people and excitement.
It still baffles me how the anticipation builds up leading up to the party, allll the planning, and then once  the event arrives, it's over in a flash. I feel this is the story of my life these days :)

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