October 3, 2014

Camping in Bryson City, NC

This post is a game changer. HUGE.

We typically like to visit North Carolina at least once per year. Our favorite time is in the fall with hopes of seeing the beautiful fall foliage. Which we've been somewhat successful in doing. Not to get off topic, but it's amazing what a year can bring. I can remember last years NC trip like it was yesterday… Spencer was really sick with croup, not himself at all but made the best of it, and Cameron officially began walking. We saw some beautiful trees, leaves, mountains, creeks and waterfalls. You can recap that trip HERE

So anyway, this year we planned our mountain trip with the Tru's, our great friends who have Tanner who is 4 months older than Spencer. These boys have been friends since birth and they continue to grow their friendship each year. Cameron has no problem keeping up with the big boys and even he and Tanner play better at times, usually when Spencer is having a moment.

It's kind of funny that around the same time Chrissy and I began pinning campers. First it was cutesie vintage trailers and then we worked our way to pop-up campers. It seemed like a cool adventure so we entertained the pop-up idea for our upcoming NC trip. Instead, she stumbled upon these cute rustic cabins that were on a campground, so it was sort of like camping, right? We'll just call it "glamping".

After a couple months of planning our trip finally began. We each had a cabin side by side with pretty big yards in the front. We had a pretty sweet set-up with a canopy, table, chairs, fire, bikes, music, you name it. All three boys ran freely the entire time. It wasn't often that we had to worry about where they were. The campground was very family friendly with a creek you could swim and tube in, a playground, goats you could feed and a general store with ice-cream. We were there a total of 5 days and during our stay we often walked by the real campers. An entire row of pop-ups and travel trailers. That's when the camping envy set-in. A couple of days while sitting on the porch or by the fire we were all stalking craigslist and rvtrader for potential campers. I recall the entire drive home I was mostly on my phone scouting all of Florida for a camper. I was slightly obsessed. What brought me to this obsession was the quiet and still of the night and all of the amazing stars above us. Also watching my kids run around the place laughing, genuinely having a good and actually being boys. We spent absolutely no time inside and the electronic interaction was minimal. I'm not used to that.

Needless to say, our trip was pretty fantastic and the Trus and us decided we all wanted to become gypsies and live in a camper. Sounds doable, right?!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Lisa can tell you all about camping with a pop up!