November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We were lucky enough to celebrate Halloween twice this year. The Tru's invited us along on their Halloween camping trip in Sebastian, which we had no idea what to expect. They'd been the previous year, but us newbies were blown away. There were haunted campers everywhere. Most campers went all out and decorated every inch of their site. It was amazing. One of the nights the campground had a costume contest, which the Tru's won (!!!), and Trick or Treating. The boys had SO much fun running around and collecting candy. They also had quite the feast the following morning too.

typical trailer trash family

Morning, boys

our campsite at night

Cam loves to go "shishing"



Then, we celebrated on actual Halloween which fell on a Friday this year, thank you. We had 4 other families over at our house to pre-game. There were so many kids running around at one point and I was so thankful for our large backyard and playset.
In some of these photos you will find yourself wondering why Cam isn't wearing any clothes. Well… right before our first guest arrived he put up the biggest fight when we attempted to put his SuperCam costume on his. Absolutely refused it. He refused any clothes for that matter which is why he's only in a diaper. Luckily our friends are cool and have multiple children as well, so they get it. They understand the battles you have to pick at time. At least we can look back at these and laugh :)

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