July 20, 2011

Spencer Kane~ 3 months

Oh my goodness, where does the time go?! I can not even believe my boy is three months old (I'm a week late, he's 14 wks today). It literally feels as if it were only a couple weeks ago he was born. Time really flies when you're having fun, and that's exactly what we're doing. Rich and I continue to cherish each and every moment with Spencer. I mean, how could you not... this boy is amazing in every way possible. It seems as if he's doing something new each and every day, whether it be a new sound or movement. To date, Spence is holding his head up like a champ, practicing sitting up on his own, stands like it's his job (with assistance, of course), laughs at the things you do, especially his goofy parents, holds onto things and realizes their purpose, and we now hold lengthy conversations with one another. Oh, and he's just about mastered the art of rolling over. He goes through the whole movement, piece of cake, but he still has a little kick stand in his way, aka, his arm. Poor thing rolls his entire body over, but gets stuck. LOL I have to say though that when he's stuck, he gets mad and kicks his legs which looks like a crawling movement and actually scoots himself upward. He may just be able to crawl before he figures out how to move his silly arm out of his rolling way. We think he's pretty smart so I'm sure he'll figure it all out sooner or later.

I went back to work last week. Bleh! We hired an in-home nanny/sitter. Since I work from home it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, going from spending 24/7 with my little man to having someone else care for him 7.5 hours per day is an adjustment, but at least I'm still within arms reach. I get to steal him away every few hours anyway to breastfeed him. I sure do love those mini breaks throughout the day. We only hired the nanny three days per week. The other two, Rich and I make it work. We take turns. This new set schedule has also really helped The Condon household get onto a more regulated schedule. Rich has certain "office" days where he goes in and schedules any appointments at that time. Then the other days he works from home, and helps care for the babe during the day. He and I have a set schedule for our own activities after our work day, such as golf and yoga. We also set a specific "family night" per Rich's request. He knows his work schedule can get away from him at times, so setting this schedule gets us all a little more structured. So far, so good. It's all Spencer approved.

The older Spence is getting the less maintenance he's becoming. Thankfully his demand for food has calmed down. He is now eating about every two and a half to three hours. Since the middle of June, after consulting with the pediatrician, we started supplementing with formula. Only a bottle, sometimes two, per day. It's actually worked really well for me as it allows my supply a chance to build back up. He was draining me and not leaving much for his next feeding. I'm thinking that is also why he's now going a little longer in between feedings.. because he's getting the right amount each time. As of yesterday, we just started trying rice cereal. He's not quite due for it yet (supposed to wait until four months), but we're only starting with a little bit at first to ensure his belly can handle it. So far, so good, and it's even seemed to have helped with his spit-up. Regardless of what we're feeding him, our little stinker has been sleeping through the night. Well, he has always kinda given us a little break in that department, but now he sometimes sleeps for as long as nine hours. He's too good to us!

Since my last post, a month ago, we've been a traveling bunch. I feel like we haven't had a weekend to ourselves to just lounge in awhile. We've been away every weekend to Port St. Lucie, Anna Maria Island, New Smyrna Beach, and then we're going back to NSB in another week. We were home this past weekend, but threw a pool party with our close friends and now this upcoming weekend we've scheduled a date for Spence. He's going to meet Ellie, who is a couple months older than him. She is the daughter of a friend/business partner of Rich's. She's so cute I've already told her parents that we are totally prearranging their marriage.

A few of our faves from AMI:

Don't forget to keep checking out our youtube channel, as we've been busy filming away ;o)


here are some pics of our little muffin from the past month:

play time is the best time

his daddy dressed him, of course

loungin' in the pool with his Auntie Rani. First time in his raft.


  1. So cute! I'm so delighted you are enjoying each milestone and having some fun yourself. xo

  2. There is just literally no way I could ever get enough pics/videos of the boy! We love him so much! And good for you for keeping up the blog.

  3. Somehow even though I look at the pics everyday I missed this post until now!!! So glad things are going so well-his picture continues to delight me each day!