April 11, 2013

Spring has sprung

And what beautiful weather we've been having! Spring time for us kicks off two awesome celebrations. Rich and my anniversary, Easter and then a birthday celebration for our biggest, Spencer. We  I am currently in full-on party planning mode as we celebrate Spencer's SECOND birthday this weekend. We're going to all party like a bunch of crazy pirates and we are so excited. That being said, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet.

Easter fell in March this year and what a great day we had. We celebrated the day with Spencer's bff/girlfriend, Ellie and her parents. They came over for an Easter egg hunt, followed by a fun picnic at Lake Eola. The kids were so much fun this year! Spencer was still only crawling and cruising last year, so he wasn't able to hunt. Both of these kiddies were too darn cute for words. I can't wait until next year when Cameron can participate as well.

This was right after the Easter bunny came to visit, and then Easter morning at The Condons:

Then the fun really began once Ellie arrived:

such a gentleman

so sweet

As if the morning wasn't full of enough fun, we continued on at Lake Eola for a picnic lunch:

Cam's new TOMS are pretty delish

a ladybug for the little lady
and for the little man
Spence has some competition

Hope everyone had as fun Easter as we did!
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