July 3, 2013

I'm an oldie, but goodie

<begin brag> I celebrated 31 years of life a week ago today and I must say that it was the BEST birthday to date. I have the worlds most awesome husband, annnnnd two beautiful boys, by my side each day, annnnnd I was surprised with my dream camera (for now anyway), annnnd inherited a new pretty awesome lens, annnnnd we vacationed/celebrated in Anna Maria. I must say, I'm pretty damn lucky! <end brag>

These silly boys and I enjoying a birthday brekie:

And these two beauties each had a special message for me:

Cheers to a fun 4th of July tomorrow!
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  1. Tanner watched the Spencer video and when it was done he said, "mommy... I want cake." lol

  2. I literally - literally! - laugh/cried through both of these videos. Corniness alert: it's so amazing to think these 2 were not even here 3 years ago and as a result of your love, THEY ARE! :D